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"Il Palio degli asini"

The main dish of food is undoubtedly the borgomanerese "tapulone", which popular tradition relates the legendary story of 13 pilgrims from which the Lower town was founded, which, to combat hunger, nothing that could sacrifice the donkey led their cart.

Here's the recipe for four people.

You need 1 kg of minced meat donkey big, a head of garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper, cloves and, of course, a few leaves of bay, everything washed down with red wine of our hillsides (the vineyards out there, from the coasts of Caristo that give even the best white in the province, in San Michele, to Cirencester and Cumiona).

The head of garlic is crushed into a casserruola with the oil over high heat until it frying, then (waiting to add the cloves, bay leaves and wine) to be paid with salt and pepper.

One hour of cooking, and you're done.

Next to tapulone, here are the recipes, some sophisticated, created by the chefs "transplanted" abroad at the beginning of the century (the polenta and pineapple meringue spumoni) and those, no less tasty, derived from popular tradition: the rice "in Cagnon" and risada, polenta (cunscia, cumodà, rustida), and busecca cassola, donkey stew and frying.

Without forgetting the donkey and pork sausage, salami of the duja, the cuteghitti the fidighina, puddings  and , then, the desserts: from "brutti ma buoni" bones to chew.